Uzdrowisko Busko-Zdrój S.A. (Busko-Zdrój Health Resort, Public Limited-Liability Company) is a single-person state-owned company established on 1 January 1999 as a result of commercialisation of the state-owned company “Busko-Solec Health Resort”. The Busko-Zdrój Health Resort S.A. operates within 2 Non-Public Health Care Institutions: The Spa Therapeutic Institution in Busko-Zdrój and Dr Szymon Starkiewicz Specialist Hospital of Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Orthopaedics for Children “Górka” in Busko-Zdrój.

The Busko-Zdrój Health Resort PLC provides the following services:

  • full fee – in sanatorium and hospital facilities belonging to the company
  • out-patient treatment concerning hospital and sanatorium therapy – based on referrals issued by the National Health Fund,
  • treatment based on referrals from the National Health Fund or chargeable treatment (accommodation and board in private boarding houses).

The Busko-Zdrój Health Resort is situated on the outskirts of the town, about 1 km south of town centre, in the beautiful Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park). It is the biggest sanatorium facility in Busko-Zdrój. The Busko-Zdrój Health Resort PLC offers various forms of treatment and runs comprehensive health resort rehabilitation services in the following facilities:


“Marconi” Sanatorium

Marconi Sanatorium

– this is a place where modernity goes hand in hand with tradition. It is here that the old “Łazienki” (Baths) were located. The building was opened in 1836. The sanatorium is modelled on Old Roman public utility buildings, raised according to a project of the Polish architect of Italian descent Henryk Marconi. It has a modern sanatorium and comfortable lodging base. The sanatorium is also adapted to the needs of the disabled, has a modern canteen and conference hall. The Baths have become a flagship of the Busko-Zdrój town.


“Mikołaj” Sanatorium

– the building, designed by James Gaya, was opened in 1837. The sanatorium was founded by Nicolas I of Russia as a hospital for the poor. It has a natural therapy centre which offers 16 forms of treatment. The facility comprises: 7 single rooms, 12 double rooms and three-person rooms with comprehensive sanitation.


“Oblęgorek” Sanatorium

Oblęgorek Sanatorium– constructed in 1903 by the Honowski family. The name was to commemorate the act of giving the land estate in Oblęgorek to Henryk Sienkiewicz by the Polish nation. Today, the sanatorium has about 50 guest rooms. Mainly skin conditions are treated in the facility, but there is also a treatment base with the most modern equipment and apparatus for phototherapy.


“Zielona” Villa

Zielona Villa– the sanatorium is situated in the very centre of a spa quarter. Its building, which dates back to the 1st half of the 20th century, was completely restored in 1995. The facility offers modern single and double rooms. The sanatorium has a natural therapy centre which offers 13 forms of treatment. In the “Zielona” Villa there is a Wellness Studio whose offer combines an active form of resting and beauty care with biological regeneration services. Inside the building there is a canteen and a conference hall.


“Krystyna” Spa Hospital of Comprehensive Rehabilitation

– extensive hospital complex which can hospitalise 320 patients at the same time. The hospital has 4 wards: rheumatology, neurology, motor organs rehabilitation and cardiology. The cardiology ward cooperates closely with the Świętokrzyskie Centre of Cardiology and as a branch office with the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery of John Paul II Specialist Hospital in Kraków, as well as with other Clinics and Regional Hospitals. A natural therapy facility offering over 30 forms of treatment operates under the sanatorium “Krystyna”.


Oblęgorek II

Sanatorium “Oblęborek II” is situated in a quiet spa quarter, in the close neighbourhood of the Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park). Guests have single, double and three-person rooms fully equipped with bathrooms, toilet facilities and balconies at their disposal. The building is adapted to the needs of the disabled. Within the premises of the sanatorium guests can undergo selected forms of treatment, go to a restaurant and use a car park which is monitored twenty-four hours a day. The sanatorium was opened in 2009.

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Dr Szymon Starkiewicz Specialist Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital “Górka” in Busko

Dr Szymon Starkiewicz Specialist Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation Hospital Górka in BuskoThe hospital is one of the best known hospitals for children in Poland. It specialises in cerebral palsy treatment and very complicated orthopaedic operations on children and adults. The hospital has a modern operation ward. It was founded on the initiative of Dr Szymon Starkiewicz and is the oldest sanatorium for children in Poland. The first children were hospitalised here in 1926. Today, the hospital has 123 beds for children with cerebral palsy and 41 beds for patients with orthopaedic problems. This facility, apart from hospital therapy, also provides rehabilitation, operation and out-patient treatment. It closely cooperates with a number of medical centres in Poland and all over the world. We encourage you to visit the hospital’s website:


“Astoria” Sanatorium

Astoria SanatoriumThis sanatorium is situated in the southern part of the health resort. It is a modern sanatorium facility which can house 120 guests at the same time, offers fully-equipped double and three-person rooms. Here, patients can undergo a wide range of therapies. The building is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled. Among additional attractions for guests are: rent-a-bicycle service, trips and a grill.

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“Nida-Zdrój” Sanatorium

Nida-Zdrój SanatoriumModern and renovated facility which offers its guests all forms of balneological treatment, physiotherapy and comprehensive rehabilitation. Patients have modern and fully-equipped single and double rooms at their disposal. The sanatorium is situated in the Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park) and has its own, over 3-hectare, holiday and recreation park. There is a canteen which serves food adapted to visitors’ needs, a large car park and a club with live music where guests can spend every evening at a dancing party.

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21st Military Health Resort and Rehabilitation Hospital

21st Military Health Resort and Rehabilitation HospitalIt is a modern hospital which comprises nine modernised buildings providing a full range of therapies with the use of the unique properties of the mineral water from Busko, as well as a full scope of physiotherapy and rehabilitation treatment. There are 320 beds for patients, who can reside in fully-equipped single and double rooms or suites. They can also avail themselves of a car park, own park with a fitness trail, area for outdoor and recreation events, as well as bicycle or Nordic walking sticks rental. Within the premises of the hospital guests can also use the hospital solarium, library, chapel, beauty and hairdresser’s parlour, as well as the analysis laboratory. The hospital closely cooperates with the Department of Physiotherapy of the Medical University of Łódź. This cooperation resulted in creating, on the basis of the hospital, the Clinical Department of Balneology, Physical Medicine and Physiotherapy of the Medical University in Łódź.


“Włókniarz” Sanatorium

Włókniarz SanatoriumThe “Włókniarz” sanatorium is the biggest sanatorium facility in Busko-Zdrój with over 450 beds in single, double and three-person rooms. The sanatorium is situated on an 8-ha area. The building is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled. In the complex there is a shop, rent-a-bicycle service, beauty and hairdresser’s parlour, solarium, Internet room, library, conference room, room where guests can drink fresh juice, tea and chocolate, a cafe where dancing parties are organised daily, green-grocer’s, common rooms, car park attended for twenty-four hours and a cash dispenser. Guests can also rent rehabilitation and orthopaedic equipment here.


“Natura” Therapeutic and Rehabilitation Centre

The “Natura” centre specialises in treating spinal and peripheral joints diseases, as well as in aesthetic dermatology and medical cosmetology. Various, modern physiotherapy procedures, as well as procedures related to SPA and aesthetic medicine are conducted in the centre. Patients have a rich treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy base at their disposal. The centre organises specialist medicinal camps with individual treatment programmes. It offers modern single and double rooms or suites. The “Natura” centre believes an individual attitude to guests is key. It can treat only 10-12 patients at the same time, and treatment is carried out in the system one patient – one therapist. The most specialist treatment is carried out only by doctors.


“Zbyszko” Sanatorium

The “Zbyszko” sanatorium was opened in 2008. The complex situated in the centre of the spa quarter consists of two boarding houses: “Zbyszko” Villa and “Ormuzd” Villa. In the “Zbyszko” sanatorium there is a modern, natural therapy centre which offers a very wide range of medicinal and rehabilitation procedures. On the premises there is also a beauty and massage parlour, a monitored car park, a panoramic lift and a canteen which serves food depending on individual needs. Single, double, three-person and four-person high standard rooms fully equipped with balconies and free access to the Internet await the guests. The building is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled.


“Słowacki” Sanatorium SPA

Słowacki Sanatorium SPAThe sanatorium is situated near the picturesque Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park) in Busko, and is surrounded by its own park complex. It is a luxurious facility with a hotel and sanatorium which offers treatment, wellness and spa treatment. All therapies are conducted within the premises of the sanatorium and are adapted to individual needs of each patient. Both natural medicinal resources from Busko and modern medical equipment are employed for treatment. Patients of the sanatorium are under medical and nursing care for twenty-four hours. There are 61 comfortably equipped single, double and family rooms. Guests can also spend their time in the beautiful garden and avail themselves of the garden shed for grilling, the Beauty Care Studio with the beauty and hairdresser’s parlour, the SPA, the swimming pool, jacuzzi or sauna. On the territory of the sanatorium there is also a restaurant with dancing parties and a cafe.


“Rafał” Sanatorium

Rafał SanatoriumThis sanatorium is situated in the Park Zdrojowy (Spa Park). The facility is surrounded by its own picturesque park “Rafał” where there is e.g. a source of the mineral water “Aleksander”. All procedures are conducted within the premises of the sanatorium with the use of balneological resources. Kinesiotherapy exercise is done in a gym with modern equipment. The centre offers 178 beds in single and double rooms with bathroom and toilet facilities. The building is fully adapted to the needs of the disabled.


“Sanato” Boarding House

Sanato Boarding HouseThe boarding house is situated in the centre of the Busko health resort. Inside, there is a rehabilitation and biological regeneration centre. In the boarding house guests can undergo various medicinal, rehabilitation and beauty procedures which improve wellbeing and relax. The centre has a very rich history and long tradition in therapies. Today, the boarding house offers 42 beds in single and double rooms, rooms with higher standard and suites which are adapted to the needs of the disabled. Additionally, on the territory of the facility guests have free access to the internet, a car park, bicycle and Nordic walking stick rental, the sauna, solarium and the hairdresser’s.