Thanks to medicinal properties of unique sulphur as well as iodine and bromine waters Busko-Zdrój has been a valued balneological health resort since 1836.

The greatest asset of the health resort are natural medicinal resources:

sulphur waters
– are classified as very rare medicinal waters. They contain sulphides with liberating hydrogen sulphide. The Busko sulphur water also contains large amounts of iodine, bromine, fluorine, boron and many other microelements. The number of mineral substances equals 1.4% in total. They are used for bathing, water therapies and for gargling oral cavity. They have antiphlogistic, anti-rheumatism, detoxifying and regenerative properties, lower the level of cholesterol and blood glucose, which prevents sclerosis.

iodine and bromine salt-springs (2.2%)
– contain particularly valuable for the body iodine and selenium. Iodine and bromine bathing is used in treatment of some diseases of the circulatory system and the vegetative system. Selenium in water is necessary to keep the cardiac muscle and the blood vessels healthy.

– kind of medicinal turf with specific physicochemical properties. It is widely used in the so-called stimulus treatment of rheumatic diseases. During the treatment there are eliminated toxic substances of metabolism and other harmful compounds.

The fact that medicinal waters are extremely rare makes Busko one of unique health resorts in Europe. The valley of the Busko health resort from three sides is surrounded by chalk and limestone hills and from western part by gypsum deposits. Therefore the groundwater even not very deep under the surface contains large amounts of mineral salt and sulphur. The waters are extracted through boreholes situated on the territory of the health resort.

Treatment with natural resources is supported by a wide range of modern, physiotherapeutic procedures (over 60 kinds) such as e.g. massages, electrotherapy, phototherapy, hydrotherapy, kinesiotherapy or cryotherapy. Furthermore, there additional services are also offered and recommended such as e.g. massage with stones, aqua massage, power slim, beer Jacuzzi, mini salt-spring graduation tower or mechanotherapy.

The procedures are carried out under supervision of qualified medical staff and rehabilitators as well as by means of specialist medical equipment.