Anyone who would like to take advantage of a health-resort treatment should first of all become acquainted with the opportunities provided by the Polish law and related regulations. One can check this out on our website under the heading: Treatment and Rehabilitation. Further steps depend on the decision which kind of health-resort treatments a patient would like to use for his or her own benefit. If one can afford to pay for the stay, he or she chooses the offer, the date and books the sanatorium. However, if one wants to use the free-of-charge option or to cover only a part of costs, please be aware of a few extra steps:

  • Firstly – make an appointment with a doctor who has concluded a relevant contract with the National Health Fund for the purpose of obtaining the referral to health-resort treatment to be issued by a doctor and to be subsequently sent to the competent Department of the Fund.
  • Secondly - acceptance or refusal of an application form by the National Health Fund - the Fund is obliged to consider the application form within 30 days, the order of processing application forms is conditioned by the date of receipt.
  • Thirdly - confirmation of acceptance and the Fund's recommendation of the place and date of health-resort treatment that a patient should receive within 60 days at its latest before the intended starting date of therapy.

What should one take when leaving for the health-resort treatment:

  • referral to the health-resort treatment - confirmed by the Regional Department of the National Health Fund
  • ID Card,
  • Up-to-date documentary proof for a valid health insurance coverage,
  • Reports on additional medical tests or examinations and specialist consultations, patient discharge sheets which may be related to the referral or treatment at a health-resort
  • Continuously taken medication for the duration of the stay.