Busko-Zdrój is a charming town situated in the heart of the picturesque Ponidzie region. The health resort itself as well as the area in its vicinity are ideal places for tourism and sightseeing. This captivating region attracts with beautiful nature and unique flora and fauna. Here are the most interesting reserves and natural monuments on the territory of the Busko-Zdrój commune:

Owczary Reserve

Owczary Reserve– in the reserve you can find salt-spring water as well as halophytic flora and fauna. Here there are such halophytes as ruppia maritima and zannichellia palustris. This is the only place in Poland where the beetle species pogonus persicus lives. On the territory of the reserve numerous caverns, caves and cavities can also be found. Additionally, the reserve’s landscape is very diverse due to gypsum rocks as well as a large number of brooks and watercourses.

Natural monument “Zimne Wody” (Cold Waters)

Natural monument Zimne Wody (Cold Waters)– the territory is situated only 2 km from Busko-Zdrój. Within the borders of “Zimne Wody” there are two inanimate nature monuments. One of them are the so-called “Gipsowe Kryształy” (Gypsum Crystals) where you can find the largest crystals of gypsum in the world. The other natural monument is a source which gives rise to a small water jet. The whole area is covered with flora such as e.g. adonis vernalis, carlina acaulis.

Natural monument near Wełecz

Natural monument near Wełecz– in the Wełecz village, in the vicinity of Busko-Zdrój there is a pine tree which is almost one hundred years old and has a surface root system. In 2002 this unusual pine tree was officially recognised as natural monument. The unique tree grows in the National Memorial Place where over 200 Poles were shot dead during the 2nd World War.

Natural monument in Kameduły

Natural monument in Kameduły– near Busko-Zdrój there is an unusual natural monument i.e. three pedunculate oaks which have been protected since 2002. This monument is situated on the route of the bicycle path Busko – Wełecz – Kameduły.


– this is a place where you can admire polycrystalline forms of gypsum, called glazed which are 4 m high and which form extremely interesting geological outcrops.

Ostra Góra – Pęczelice

– a place where a hill with chalk limestone overgrown with thermophilic plants forms a partial natural reserve. The local legend has it that here were the graves of Arians whose congregation was situated in the Pęczelice village.