Bicycle path Busko – Wełecz – Kameduły

Bicycle path Busko – Wełecz – KamedułyThis circle-shaped path begins and ends at the junction of Langiewicza and Szaniecka streets in Busko-Zdrój. The route runs through picturesque territories of the Szaniecki, Nadnidziański and Solecko-Pacanowski Natural Parks. In the north the path leads closer to Kameduły and Nowy Folwark Mikułowie. In the south the route does not cross the voivodship road from Busko to Pińczów. In the east, the path runs across the town’s borders crossing the voivodship road Busko – Nowy Folwark. The whole bicycle path, about 18 km long, is covered with asphalt. On the route there are four, roofed spots where you can rest. Just beside the path you can see two natural monuments – scots pine in Wełcz and three pedunculate oaks in Kameduły.

Bicycle path Busko – Wełecz – KamedułyBicycle path Busko – Wełecz – Kameduły

Bicycle path Busko-Zdrój – Radzanów

The asphalt path, which is about 3 km long, links the health resort with the nearby Recreation Centre in Radzanów. For 1269 m the path runs along the voivodship road no. 973 Busko-Zdrój – Tarnów. In the summer, in Radzanów there is a swimming site arranged at the recreation water basin with the area of 11 ha.