The award “Busko Citizen of the Year” is a distinction granted by the Mayor of the Busko-Zdrój Town and Commune since 2007 to people who actively operate for the benefit of the local community and whose moral attitude can be followed by others. The prize is granted by the Award Jury whose members in each, next edition of the plebiscite are joined by laureates of the main prize from previous years. Candidates to the title “Busko Citizen of the Year” can be nominated by: the Mayor of the Busko-Zdrój Town and Commune, institutions, social and economic organisations, associations, churches and other religious communities in the Busko-Zdrój Town and Commune. Also citizens of the Busko-Zdrój Town and Commune can propose their candidates providing that there are not less than 50 people who support their candidature. The title “Busko Citizen of the Year” together with the statuette of the “Sower of the Year” is granted during official gala organised in the Self-Government Cultural Centre of Busko.

So far the award “Busko Citizen of the Year” has gone to:
2007 - Mieczysław Sas
2008 - Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba
2009 - Sister Angela (Nun)
2010 - Piotr Kaleta
2011 - Bogdan Panhirsz

Mieczysław Sas

Mieczysław Sas– businessman, owner of the Metal and Coppersmith’s Worshop “Sas”, but first of all social activist, philanthropist and a patron of culture. For years he has been financially supporting social organisations, schools, sports clubs and cultural events. In 2005 Mieczysław Sas was honoured with the “Silver Cross of Merit for the ZHP” (Polish Scouting and Guiding Association) and with the highest scouting distinction “Scout staff”.

Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba

Bożentyna Pałka-Koruba– sociologist, born and for many years professionally related to Busko-Zdrój. Since 2007 she has been the Voivode of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship as the first woman in the history who has held this office. An ambassador of Busko-Zdrój, social activist, a patron of artists, promoter of activities propagating healthy life style and many social campaigns e.g. campaigns for transplantations of bone marrow and other organs.

Sister Angela, Nun

Siostra Angela (Maria Handzel) – Maria Handzel, related to Busko since 1963. She made religious vows in the Congregation of the Holy Spirit Canonesses in Cracow. A social activist, carer of the youngest, the sick and the unemployed, organiser of the movement of neighbours’ assistance for families who need support. She maximally devotes herself to the sick. In Busko and in its vicinity she is called a “Good Angel of Help”.

Piotr Kaleta

Piotr KaletaA teacher who has been involved in the artistic photography, film, and documentary photography for many years. His works are classified as the so-called Kielce School of Landscape. As a member of the Polish Union of Photography Artists, he was repeatedly awarded and honoured, and presented his works at numerous Polish and foreign exhibitions. The works of Piotr Kaleta, closely connected with Ponidzie for many years, is a great way of publicity and visibility actions for the benefit of the whole region. He is a founder and a commissioner of the National Photographic Review "Ponidzie" and a Photographic Open-Air Festival for amateurs and artists from the whole District of Busko. His artistic work, well-known by every resident of Busko-Zdrój, helps to rescue many unique and extraordinary phenomena, people and events from oblivion. He was honoured inter alia with the "Golden Cross for Merit" and the "Distinguished in Culture" title that were bestowed on him.

Bogdan Panhirsz

Bogdan PanhirszHe is an entrepreneur, co-founder and the chief executive officer of the Group Polskie Składy Budowlane S.A., a well-renowned trademark both in Polish and European markets. He was the one to initiate the construction of a 4-Star Hotel "Słoneczny Zdrój Medical Spa & Wellnes" that has been a highly beneficial investment for the whole Commune, and has effectively provided for new jobs and publicity and visibility actions for the town and its health-resort advantages and quality.

Bogdan Panhirsz has never forgotten about a social role of business and supported local artistic and cultural events. His company has been a patron of the International Krystyna Jamroz Music Festival and The National Wojtek Bellon Song Festival for many years as well as numerous smaller cultural events, which could not have been organised without his financial support.