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Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OwczaryThe Farmer's Wives' Association in Owczary is one of the very few associations to enjoy a long-standing tradition. The Association was established in the 50s of the last century in result of the local teachers' initiative. It associated as many as 60 members. Initially it aimed mainly at raising funds during village parties. The funds were spent on excursions to places such as Kraków or Oświęcim. In the 60s cutting and sewing training courses were organized and the participants were all the female residents of Owczary. Moreover, cooking, baking and embroidery training courses were organized. All of them were well-attended. The members of the Association were also the popularisers of Polish literature (Irena Kosińska's library) and fine arts (Wiesława Wąsik's community theatre group).

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OwczaryThe Association's activity discontinued when it was merged with the farmers' association. Its activity was resumed in 2007 and it currently associates 25 members. The Management Board Members are: Janina Borto, Janina Lis, Małgorzata Fabiańska, Teresa Judasz and Wiesława Kasza. The Ladies' greatest pride comes from the folk dresses which they have hand-made and traditionally wear them during the Municipal Harvest Festivals.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OwczaryFarmer’s Wives’ Association in OwczaryFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Owczary

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OleszkiThe Association was set up in 2007 by 20 female local community members. The Management Board Members are: Danuta Prędka, Elżbieta Lasia and Marta Lamentowicz.

The Association's public debut took place during the Municipal Harvest Festival organized in 2007 in Nowy Folwark. The village turned out to be a lucky place for the Ladies because the harvest festival table made by them won the first prize.

The Association's housewives are the founders of the Oleszki's Future Association. They actively participate in the events organized by the Świętokrzyskie Farmers' Advisory Centre in Modliszewice as well as in the local pre-holiday feasts, harvest festivals, settlement fairs organized within the framework of the European Days of Cultural Heritage, and in regional exhibitions.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OleszkiSoon after its inception, the Association was supported by sponsors. The remaining funds were successfully raised by the Farmer's Wives' Association in Oleszki as the European Union funds for a project implementable within the framework of Measure 413 "Implementation of Local Development Strategies". According to the saying that a good housewife makes a home happy, the ladies allocated all the funds from the awards and sale of products to their own contribution for the purpose of registration of the Oleszki's Future Association, and to the purchase of stylistically consistent uniforms and musical instruments for the Association female members.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in OleszkiFarmer’s Wives’ Association in OleszkiFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Oleszki

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in Nowy FolwarkThe Association is an official forerunner of the majority of the Farmer's Wives Associations in the Commune of Busko-Zdrój. It started its operations in 2003 and was formally registered the following year. It associates 24 members. The Association was founded by Ms Anna Słowak. The Management Board Members are: Krystyna Majcher, Bożena Krupa and Wanda Walęzak. The Association's logo is a sunflower, which also decorates ladies' uniforms.

The Association's activity is inseparably connected with the seasons of the year and feasts celebrated in the countryside: Christmas, New Year's Eve, Easter, May Outings, during which the Housewives are responsible for the renewal rituals of the local statute of the Rosary Mother of God, by which the prayers are uttered. The bunches of cereal intended for the harvest wreath are prepared before the launch of the harvest season. When it is ready, the Housewives, dressed in stylistically consistent uniforms, go to the parish harvest in Szaniec, then to the municipal harvest festival or even to the district harvest festival. Each year the wreath looks different. Its metal framework is prepared by Zbigniew Świąder who has supported the Association with his blacksmith talent for many years.

None of the harvest festivals that the Farmer's Wives' Association in Nowy Folwark attends can take place without the bread that is baked by Ms Anna Słowak. This bread is baked according to the traditional family recipe that has been handed down from generation to generation. This famous bread took part in the "Our Culinary Heritage" competition that took place on 23rd of September 2006 in Busko-Zdrój. The housewives also prepare small tyres, kisses, doughnuts, bilberry buns, cookies, cheesecakes and bread with lard. All these delicacies are extremely popular.

It has become the tradition in the village that the Women's Day celebrations are joined by children and the youth who perform on this occasion. On this day every Lady receives a gift made by the Association.

Thankfully to the sponsors' kindness, the female members of the Alliance of the Farmer's Wives' Associations in the Commune of Busko-Zdrój can go on trips, inter alia to Bałtowo, Kaszuby, Krynica-Zdrój, Warszawa and Kraków. Thanks to such successful and entrepreneurial Housewives, Nowy Folwark is kept alive and developing.

All the activities, events organized by the Association and Nowy Folwark Community are documented in the chronicle. It consists of descriptions, photos and press briefings.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in Nowy FolwarkFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Nowy Folwark

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in MłynyThe Association has operated since 2008. It associates 28 ladies and 3 men. The Management Board Members are: Wioletta Kozbiał, Małgorzata Płatek, Mariola Powroźnik and Izabella Gręda.

Rural housewives in Młyny are mostly young wives that find professional fulfilment in work. They are open to changes and at the same time know the habits in the Polish countryside. They can prepare traditional dishes and sing folk occasional songs. They are easily recognizable by orange beads.

The Association arranges for numerous events for the residents of Młyny, among which the following are worth mentioning: Saint Andrew's Eve Party, New Year's Eve Party, May Outings or the project of planting Katyń oak tree. The local events calendar also covers a project titled "The Tidy Village". Although the Association has not existed for longer than two years, it has achieved numerous successes, among which the most important is the improvement of the village's image. Going through Młyny one cannot notice a modernized fire station or beautiful flowerbeds in places that used to be full of bushes.

Cabbage with buckwheat, cabbage soup or cabbage cakes, and cheesecakes are the housewives' piéces de résistance that can be tasted during a number of local fairs and events.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in MłynyFarmer’s Wives’ Association in MłynyFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Młyny

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in MikułowiceThe Association was established in 2007. The Management Board Members are: Henryka Magdziak, Barbara Błachut, Renata Styrna, Barbara Kańska, Jolanta Piwowarska.

The Association annually participates in the Health Festival that promotes healthy food and lifestyle.

The Farmer's Wives' Association in Mikułowice is actively supported by the Local Voluntary Fire Brigade. The Ladies associated by the Association willingly participate in holiday fairs and meetings organised by other allied associations. The key to success no doubt is the ladies' attitude towards life and their targets. Although rather small, it operates very entrepreneurially. It has many followers, inter alia, Małgorzata Rogowska, Anita Rasała, Teresa Badura and Ania Wójcik. Ladies participate annually as guests in the harvest festival, getting engaged in the artistic part of the festival.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in MikułowiceFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Mikułowice
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