Farmer’s Wives’ Association in ZbludowiceThe Association was established in 2006. It associates 16 female members. Ms Stanisława Musiał is the chairwoman. The ladies are co-organizers of the annual "Picnics at the Fire Station", which is an opportunity not only for having fun together but also for the presentation of Zbludowice's talents. The Association also organizes meetings on the occasion of Christmas, Saint Andrew's Eve Party and Women's Day. The Ladies co-operate with schools in the course of the preparations for events programmes.

They prepare and perform traditional meals and Christmas fair decorations in assistance given by children. The Female Members of the Association have managed to raise funds and made 15 regional costumes which they wear to show the same off at the school and community events.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in ZbludowiceFarmer’s Wives’ Association in ZbludowiceFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Zbludowice