Farmer’s Wives’ Association in PodgajeThe Association was set up in 2008 to associate 15 Housewives. The Management Board Members are: Magdalena Baran, Iwona Kwiecień, Dorota Drożdż and Halina Siemieniec.

The Housewives' skills were shown off for the first time during the Municipal Harvest Festival in Zwierzyniec. Next year they were the co-hosts for this Festival. Their culinary talents could be also discovered by the participants of the 2010 Family Picnic. The outdoor party was hosted by Jacek Strzelecki and Janusz Ciba. During the Picnic the pancakes with a variety of fillings were most popular.

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in PodgajeThe Housewives are eager to undertake numerous actions to publicize their rural settlement. They are also initiators and participants of cultural events. At the end of September 2010 the Association's Chronicle was supplemented with new information and photos concerning the veterans' meeting that was organized for the local community. During that meeting the Housewives entertained the visitors with kindness and snacks.