Farmer’s Wives’ Association in WiduchowaThe Association was set up in the Spring 2007. A former elementary school building was the first seat of the Association. After the school had been wound up, the idea to establish the Community Culture and Folk Art Centre in Widuchowa came up. A part of rooms served as an exhibition space for the village historic exhibit gatherings in order to create an exceptional Regional Chamber as a reminiscent of a rural house dating back to the decades before.

Participation in 2007 Women's Forum in Kielce was the Association's debut. Since then multicoloured stands with doughnuts, which they specialize in, have been the pride of many local events, even beyond the Świętokrzyskie Region (inter alia during the 2009 Szigetszentmiklos Culinary Festival in Hungary). On the first weekend of August the Farmer's Wives Association invites to the Church Fair and the "Feast of Cucumber".

Farmer’s Wives’ Association in WiduchowaFarmer’s Wives’ Association in Widuchowa