Art Gallery

"Green" Art Gallery was established in Busko-Zdrój in 1989 under the twin town cultural cooperation. It is currently a branch office of the Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce. It is located in the town's centre, nearby the representative Mickiewicz Avenue in a renovated pre-war "Polonia" Villa. It is about 200 square meters in area. Five rooms are equipped with special lighting system and its historic interior layout has been preserved. This creates an unusual atmosphere of a gentry's manor house, used for the purpose of presenting a variety of forms of contemporary art.

Art disciplines exhibited in the Gallery:

  • painting,
  • graphic art,
  • drawing,
  • sculpture,
  • photography,
  • fabric,
  • wicker

The Gallery is also a co-organizer of open air painting and sculpture events. The outcome of those events includes inter alia landscape painting exhibitions of Kielce Branch of the Union of Polish Visual Artists. The Gallery inter alia organizes permanent individual exhibitions during the annual National Photographic Review "Ponidzie". Moreover, it issues catalogues and publications documenting those artistic events.

Renowned guests of the Gallery: Grzegorz Bednarski, Krzysztof Ciok, Marian Czapla, Edward Dwurnik, Marian Gromada, Zbylut Grzywacz, Tamara Maj, Stanisław Mazuś, Andrzej Mleczko, Krystyna Olchawa, Irena Popiołek, Bogdan Ptak, Stanisław Rodziński, Jacek Sroka, Marek Wawro.