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Beata Borek

Beata BorekBeata Borek was born in Busko-Zdrój. She completed the State Secondary School of the Plastic Arts in Kielce and graduated from the Pedagogy Studies in the field of Physics at Jan Kochanowski Higher School of Pedagogy as well as postgraduate studies in the field of the Plastic Arts at the Art Institute in Kielce. She participated in about 40 plein-air painting events, weaving and wicker as well as photography workshops, took part in individual, competition, collective and after-plein-air painting exhibitions. She deals with compositions of artistic wicker as well as with painting and drawing. A member of the Polish Association of Artistic Education, a co-founder and member of the Polish Association of Artists "Wiklina" (Wicker) with the registered seat in Tarnobrzeg.

Bogdan Ptak

Bogdan PtakBogdan Ptak was born in 1952 in Opole. He runs artistic activities in the field of easel painting and drawing. He also deals with graphic design for the publishing industry. Since 1996 he has been a member of the Polish Pastel Association and since 1998 a member of the Association of Polish Fine Artists. He was decorated with the Silver Cross of Merit on 20 May 2005 and the Bronze Medal for Merits to Culture – Gloria Artis in May 2009.

He permanently resides in Busko-Zdrój where since 1989 has been running the Art Gallery "Zielona" (Green) – the Branch of the Office for Artistic Exhibitions in Kielce.

His artistic works were presented at 30 individual exhibitions and 80 collective exhibitions. Bogdan Ptak participated in number of artistic competitions: "Early Spring 11-33" (prize – 2007, 2008) Kielce, "Music themes in painting" Tarnów, "II Biennial of Pastel" the Office for Artistic Exhibitions Nowy Sącz, "Autumn room I-VII" the Office for Artistic Exhibitions Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (distinction – 1998), "Great Format I" the Office for Artistic Exhibitions Kielce, "Great Format II" the "Echo" Gallery Kielce, the Office for Artistic Exhibitions and the Self-Government Cultural Centre of Busko in Busko-Zdrój.

Bogdan Władysław Kowalczyk

Bogdan Władysław KowalczykBogdan Władysław Kowalczyk was born in 1937 in Zborów near Solec-Zdrój. He deals with painting and sculpture. In 1956 completed the Secondary School of the Plastic Arts in Kielce, major: sculpture in the workshop of Stanisław Stawowy. In 1986 he obtained the entitlements of the Minister of Culture and Art to perform the profession: fine artist in the field of painting. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Association of Polish Fine Artists near Kielce. He has been running the Sculpture and Painting Workshop "ARTEMIS" since 1978. Bogdan Kowalczyk participated in a number of painting exhibitions and executed a lot of works within maintenance, renovation of historic monuments and interior design. His works are in collections in Poland and abroad: Germany, Sweden, France and Italy.

Leszek Kurzeja

>Leszek KurzejaBorn in 1933 in Wełcz, the Busko-Zdrój district. He completed studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków 1953-1959 in the Faculties of Painting and Graphic Arts, obtained the diploma with honours on 20 May 1959. An author of many individual and collective exhibitions actively participates in the activities of the Association of Polish Fine Artists for the Kielce Region to which he belongs. Leszek Kurzeja took part in a number of plein-airs. He deals with sculpture layouts and sculpting. Dominant themes in his painting are landscape and characteristic documentation of the unique climate of old architecture.

Marek Wawro

Marek WawroMarek Wawro was born in 1953 in Busko-Zdrój. For 27 years he has been dealing with painting, graphic art, drawing, satirical drawing, art-video and photography. He resides permanently in Kielce where he works. In the summer time he regularly visits Busko-Zdrój where in his summer workshop he creates large formats – paintings and drawings. In the period 1983-1987 Marek Wawro was running the Gallery "Oranżeria" (Orangery) in the House of Artistic Environment in Kielce. Since 1990 he has participated in exhibitions of the artistic environment "Przedwiośnie" (Early Spring) during which he was rewarded 15 times and 3 times received the Grand Prix (1994, 2003, 2005). Marek Wawro three times received the grant of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage in 2000, 2005 and 2007. In 1981 he was honoured with the Badge for Merits to Culture. A member of the Association of Polish Fine Artists and the Polish Pastel Association. His works were presented at around 35 individual exhibitions, a number of collective exhibitions in Poland and abroad. He also participated in numerous artistic plein-airs.

Marian Żywczyk

Marian ŻywczykHe was born in Łyczaków – the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship, studied in the period 1952-1958 at the University of Technology in Cracow, the Faculty of Architecture. From 1958 to 1992 he worked as an architect in the construction industry. Since 1992 Marian Żywczyk has retired and has been dealing with painting as well as photography.

With regard to the art matters he used kindness of the professors Ludomir Śleńdziński, Wiktor Zin, Krystyna Wróblewska, Jadwiga Horodyska who proposed individual studies beyond the schedule of the Faculty of Architecture as well as cooperation in some projects.

He took private tuition with Tadeusz Brzozowski in Stanisław Wyspiański Museum in Szołayski House in Cracow which concerned the colour in the Medieval painting. The current water-colour works are effects of the tuition taken at that time as well as his current interests. Since 2008 Marian Żywczyk has been a member of the Polish Association of Artistic Education in Kielce.

Piotr Kaleta

Piotr KaletaHe was born in Busko-Zdrój, deals with artistic photography, film and photo journalism. For many years worked as an instructor in the Community House in Busko. Piotr Kaleta has a diploma in teaching and in this profession he worked for 20 years in education centres. Thanks to his contact with the photographic environment in Kielce he participated many times in the Biennial of the Polish Landscape (II, II prize and distinction) and became a member of the so-called Landscape School of Kielce.

He organises the Polish Photography Review "Ponidzie" and photographic plein-airs together with the Self-Government Cultural Centre of Busko. He is a member of the Association of Polish Photography Artists (ZPAF).

Barbara Wnuk-Spirowska

Barbara Wnuk–SpirowskaShe completed with honours the State Secondary School of the Plastic Arts in Kielce – artistic ceramics, studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and post-graduate studies at the Higher School of Pedagogy in Kielce, major: Plastic Arts. A teacher of art – promoter of young talents. Her students achieve good results during plastic arts competitions in Poland and abroad. An animator of plastic art events in Busko, participated in collective exhibitions in Warsaw, Cracow and Busko.

Stanisław Przodo

Stanisław PrzodoA graduate of the Teaching College in Radom, field: the Plastic Arts and Technical Education; he also completed the Higher School of Pedagogy in Kielce in the field of Occupational Pedagogy EO.

He started his professional experience in a primary school, and in 1972 in the Community House in Busko-Zdrój as a plastic arts instructor. He conducts plastic arts classes with children and youth, organises reviews and exhibitions of folk and amateur art, reviews and workshops of artistic activities of children and young people, e.g. since 1985 he has been an organiser of the Plastic Arts Works Review "Ponidzie". Stanisław Przodo has organised painting plein-airs e.g. "My town in four seasons of the year" in which he also participated. He has taken part in collective exhibitions in the Voivodship Community House in Kielce, the "Słoneczko" (Little Sun) Club in Kielce, the Community House in Rudnik over the San River.

An author and creator of stage decorations, special occasion and plein-air decorations for the town and the Busko-Zdrój district.

Tamara Maj

Tamara MajIn 1982 she completed the State Secondary School of the Plastic Arts in Kielce in the field of Artistic Weaving. Since 1993 she has been working in the Office for Artistic Exhibitions in Kielce, the Branch Office in Busko-Zdrój, the Art Gallery "Zielona" (Green). Tamara Maj deals with painting, artistic fabrics and wicker.

A member of the Association of Polish Fine Artists and the Polish Association of Artists "WIKLINA" (Wicker). Her artistic works have been presented at 54 individual exhibitions and she has participated in nearly 180 competitions, collective and after-plein-air exhibitions. Tamara Maj has taken part in 30 wicker-weaving-painting plein-airs organised by the Polish Association of Artists "WIKLINA" (Wicker) and by the Polish Association of Artistic Education.

She is a laureate of a number of prizes and distinctions, including H. Czarnecki Medal – prize of the State Secondary School of the Plastic Arts Kielce 1982, 2nd prize – the 13th Polish Exhibition of Works of the Plastic Arts Teacher, Rzeszów 1997, the distinction and the 1st prize – the Polish Biennial of Miniature Art – Pińczów 1997, 1999; the prize "Przedwiośnie" (Early Spring) – the Office for Artistic Exhibitions Kielce 2005, 2009; the prize of the Mayor of the Municipal and Communal Office of Busko-Zdrój for the Photograph of the Year "Busko-Zdrój – portrait of the town" in the 1st Photography Competition 2010.

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