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January New Year’s Concert Busko-Zdrój
February “Buskovianin of the Year” Gala Busko-Zdrój
May Busko International Meetings of Folklore
The National Wojtek Bellon Song Festival
June International Krystyna Jamroz Music Festival
Family Festival "Strawberry Feast"
July Family Festival "Feast of Garlic" Wełecz
August Family Festival "Feast of Cucumber"
Municipal Harvest Festival
Busko-Zdrój Days
Chosen parish
September Family Festival "Feast of Apple" Bronina
November National Photographic Review "Ponidzie"
Art Overview "Ponidzie"

International Krystyna Jamroz Music Festival

International Krystyna Jamroz Music FestivalWhen: annually in June and July

Where: Health-Resort Park in Busko-Zdrój, Wiślica, Pińczów, Kurozwęki

Event's profile: Festival of classical music. It has taken place since 1995. Since that time it has gained prestige and recognition, not only inland but also abroad. Krystyna Jamroz, a native Busko resident, is the patron of the festival as she is the "Grande Dame of Polish Opera" and the initiator of the event was one of the best known Polish classical music connoisseurs, Bogusław Kaczynski. The first edition of the festival was organized by Artur Jaron, who is still the director of the festival. Concerts are accompanied by interesting off-scene festival meetings with a variety of guests in the background.

The Artists: Wiesław Ochman, Krzysztof Penderecki, Jerzy Maksymiuk, Leszek Możder, Grażyna Brodzińska, Roma Owsińska, Małgorzata Walewska, Tytus Wojnowicz, Edyta Geppert, Konstanty Andrzej Kulka, Hanna Banaszak. Among the foreigners there inter alia are Nigell Kennedy, Gwendolyn Bradley, Vadim Brodski, Ivan Monighetti, soloists and bands from the Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Japan, the USA, Russia, France, Ukraine and Hungary.

Busko International Meetings of Folklore

Busko International Meetings of FolkloreWhen: annually in May and June

Where: finale: the open air in the Health-Resort Park in Busko-Zdrój,

preliminaries: Daleszyce, Jędrzejów, Nowy Korczyn

Event's profile: The festival of folk music. Participants of the final contest compete in four categories: Singing Group, Song and Dance Ensemble, Soloist Instrumentalist and Singer. Performances are assessed by the Artistic Council made up of musicians, journalists, regionalists, ethnographers and choreographers. The winner is awarded Piotr Gan Grand Prix in the category of folk bands, as well as Helena Szelestowa Grand Prix Award for the best singing groups. One of the main prizes is also the opportunity to take part in the National Festival of Folk Bands and Singers in Kazimierz Dolny by the Vistula River. The organizers of the event are: Józef Piłsudski Regional Cultural Centre in Kielce, Busko Municipal Cultural Centre, Municipal Cultural Centre in Daleszyce, Świętokrzyskie Union of Farmers, Farmers Associations and Agricultural Organizations.

The Artists: Folk bands from Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Denmark, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania and Norway.

The National Wojtek Bellon Song Festival "May the Bukovina Sound"

The National Wojtek Bellon Song Festival May the Bukovina SoundWhen: annually in May and June

Where: Busko Municipal Cultural Centre named Wojtek Bellon

Event's profile: the festival of sung, traveller's and author's poetry. It has been organized in Busko-Zdrój since 2008 by Busko Municipal Cultural Centre in cooperation with Radio Kielce S.A [joint-stock company]. The festival commemorates the famous Busko singer, poet, composer and founder of the band " Bukovina Free Group" - Wojciech Bellon. First day of the Festival is the Contest Finale Concert. Participants are qualified by the Artistic Council. Soloists and groups compete for the "Eternal Wanderer" statuette. One of the Festival's awards provides for participation in the finale of the Warsaw International Bard Festival.

The Artists: Each edition of the Festival is accompanied by special guests' concerts. In previous years, the festival audience applauded inter alia Grzegorz Turnau and the Bukovina Free Group.

National Photographic Review "Ponidzie"

When: annually in November and December

Where: Busko Municipal Cultural Centre, Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce – the Branch Office in Busko Zdrój, "Green" Art Gallery.

Event's profile: A cultural event for both professional artists and amateur photo enthusiasts. The originator of the exhibition is the famous photographer Piotr Kaleta. Since 2010 it has been an event organised jointly with the "Busko-Zdrój - a portrait of the City" Contest. Participation in the exhibition is free to all comers. Exhibitions are presented in two trends: Exploring Ponidzie and My Presentation – free topic. The Review is growing year-on-year, in line with the founders' and organizers' presumptions, who emphasize that it is all about to: "disseminate the art of photography, share feelings, emotions and thoughts through photography."

The Artists: the authors' solo exhibition is a regular event within the framework of the Review. Until now, we have had a chance to see inter alia the works of Piotr Kaleta.

Art Overview "Ponidzie"

Art Overview PonidzieWhen: annually in November and December

Where: Busko Municipal Cultural Centre, Art Exhibitions Office in Kielce - the Branch Office in Busko Zdrój, "Green"Art Gallery.

Event's profile: The exhibition of regional artists. Its origin dates back to 1972 as it was initiated by the director of Andrzej Wlodarczyk Culture Community Centre. Initially, in addition to works of art, embroidery, Christmas decorations, wedding wreaths and wrought-iron exhibits were presented. As time passed by, exhibitions of individual artists began to be arranged for and since 1985, when the artists matured enough to allow for presentation of a group of artists, "Ponidzie" exhibitions began to be numbered. Currently, works of almost 40 participants, including both professionals and amateurs, are exhibited.

Community Family Festivals

"Strawberry Feast"

Organized since 2005 at the beginning of June by the Farmer's Wives' Association in Błoniec and Nowa Wieś.

The Strawberry Feast takes place at the beginning of June to cheer the growers and all those who pick this delicious fruit by the sweat of their brows. Błoniec and its vicinity in fact constitute the biggest strawberry-growing region in Europe.

The Busko's Favourite enjoys over 80-year growing tradition mainly due to the sunny microclimate and fertile loess soil. The oldest receipts for purchase of strawberries, with stamps affixed by the Fruit and Vegetable Collection Point Enterprises; date back to the mid-50s of the Twentieth Century. Although the Ministry of Agriculture officially put the Busko's Favourite on the list of traditional products on 3rd of September 2007, this name of the fruit had already been used at that time.

Ethnographic surveys conducted among the residents of the strawberry-growing region (Szczaworyż - Konary - Błoniec – Nowa Wieś) reveal that strawberries are eaten from the early childhood. Over the years, recipes for thousands of strawberry delicacies have been stored to become the regional cuisine heritage today. Cultivation of the Busko's Favourite is not easy but, despite the availability of new and more disease-resistant varieties; it has managed to survive and is still very popular.

"Feast of Garlic"

The Feast of Garlic has been organized since 2009 in the second half of July by the Farmer's Wives' Association in Wełcz.

If you can cavort about strawberries, you can certainly do so with the garlic. The idea, so brilliant in its simplicity, has originated among the housewives in Wełcz, and put into practice only a moment later. Although streusel cake does not fit right with garlic, it is reliable in other domains. Even in medicine - since the dawn of time, people have used garlic as a cure for everything: for flu as well as for plague. There is no wonder that it has become an inspiration for another event that integrates the community of Busko-Zdrój Commune, especially as it has been grown in this area for over a quarter of a century.

"Feast of Cucumber"

The Feast of Cucumber is organized at the beginning of August by the Farmer's Wives' Association in Widuchowa.

The Family Festival in Widuchowa takes place in the course of the Church Fair held on Sunday, and as an indulgence fair in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Angels falls in the middle of the summer, the weather must be surely good. Well, unless ... Regardless of the aura, the locals' hospitality is so great that it allows to enjoy the charms of the holidays both for younger and older fair participants. In the square situated by the rural day-care lounge numerous artistic presentations are commonly held. Kids can count on contests and fun competitions, adults can count on a lavish treat accompanied by dancing to the rhythm of a home-like music that sounds up to the late evening hours.

„Feast of Apple"

The Feast of Apple has been organized since 2009 in late September by the Farmer's Wives' Association in Bronina.

The festival derives its name from the fruit that is the symbol of the Farmer's Wives' Association in Bronina. Falling in the apple season, a family picnic for the residents of Busko-Zdrój community is an event that no one has to get a special invitation for. Apple pies and ciders do not need additional advertising, as well as dances and parties by a sumptuous table until dawn. The Feast is accompanied by music and contests or competitions, occasional songs and numerous attractions "with the apple in the background". They are meant to encourage to have fun together on the occasion of the annually organized partying event in the local day-care rural lounge.

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