Koncert Salonowej Orkiestry ZdrojowejThe Health Resort Parlour Orchestra has performed for visitors of the Busko-Zdrój Health Resort since 1947. The Orchestra usually plays in the exquisite concert hall of the "Marconi" Sanatorium, but it also often gives concerts in the sanatoria: "Nida-Zdrój", "Włókniarz" and in the 21st Military Rehabilitation and Health Resort Hospital. Today, it is hard to image the sunny town of Busko-Zdrój without its parlour orchestra. The Health Resort Parlour Orchestra takes part in a number of music festivals and concerts in the whole country (e.g. the International Festival of Spa Music in Polanica-Zdrój and the International Festival of Viennese Music in Wrocław). Furthermore, the Orchestra is an excellent flagship of the town, as well as its ambassador to the whole country.